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by Doug on 22/09/2011, no comments

Well, things are getting busy around these parts. I’m moving house soon, so dont expect any posts for the next couple of weeks. Here’s a monster to fill the gap. He has a theme song and everything, but currently he only exists in sketch form (and in my mind).

Deer Metal

by Doug on 24/06/2011, no comments

A little bit of design i’ve been working on – hopefully will get it illustrated soon. I think it might make a good t-shirt one day…


by Doug on 29/05/2011, no comments

Sketchbook dump of some i’ve my more successful attempts at portraits. There was a Charlotte Gainsbourg and an Elijah Wood that didn’t make the cut as they came out looking like Tim Wheeler and Frank Lampard respectively. So instead, here’s Marion Cotillard, Jesse Eisenberg and Bing Crosby.


by Doug on 29/05/2011, no comments

 I managed to go to the West Midlands Safari Park recently and sketched some of the animals that were good enough to stand still for long enough to be drawn. The big cats were not particularly obliging. Got some good goat reference though…