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Graphic Design

by Doug on 05/01/2013, no comments

Time for a tidy up of the old graphic design portfolio. It now resides on – lovely clean website that it is.

Soviet Reading/Leeds

by Doug on 18/08/2011, no comments

…and here’s some of the posters I’ve just finished up for Leeds and Reading. For some reason the whole “Soviet Propaganda” theme struck me as a good idea, and so I ran with it. Lots of fists, that kind of thing.

The Big Chill

by Doug on 11/08/2011, no comments

Here’s some more of my posters being used at this years Big Chill. I even managed to get the “Metal Bambi” design in there as well. Se below for original. Just putting the finishing touches to my Leeds/Reading campaigns now.


by Doug on 08/08/2011, no comments

It’s always nice to see your work being used – even if it is by the bins. This is one of a bunch of posters I’ve been doing for Festival Republic recently. I seem to be drawing a lot of hands at the moment. Here’s the original:

A bit of greenery

by Doug on 04/07/2011, no comments

An update of a logo I’ve just finished. It’s a bit of reworking for Vision 2020 Leicester They needed their logo greenifying – I seem to be drawing a lot of plants at the moment…