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Animschool Term 2

by Doug on 16/08/2013, no comments

In the bag! Actually I’m about half way through Term 3 now, so a bit late on compiling my progress reel. Here it is anyway. Mmmm body mechanics… Animschool Term 2 Progress Reel from Douglas Fletcher on Vimeo.    

11 Second Club June

by Doug on 05/07/2011, no comments

11 Second Club June from Douglas Fletcher on Vimeo Here’s my 11 Second Club entry for June. The dialogue was from the Kings Speech, which made for some really interesting entries. I finished a decidedly average 120th out of 190 something. 20 places short of that coveted top 100 spot! Next month that little blue […]

Wierdears online

by Doug on 27/06/2011, no comments

Well, they finally uploaded my Estings video. Although entries are closing soon, I thought I’d better post a link up here, so you can “Yay” me or “Nay” me as you feel appropriate.

E-Stings 2011

by Doug on 08/05/2011, no comments

Here’s my entry for E-Stings 2011: It features Weirdears and Eyebrows, whom you may have seen previously. I’m not sure if they are going to put it up on their site or not, so I had to Vimeo it. It was nice to do a bit of 2D stuff for a change, despite being […]

New Character Animation Reel

by Doug on 08/05/2011, no comments

Just finished another version of my character animation reel. It’s getting shorter (which is actually a good thing), and I’ve managed to clear some old stuff off it, which is always cathartic Douglas Fletcher Animation Showreel 2011 from Douglas Fletcher on Vimeo.


by Doug on 13/04/2011, no comments

Sopranos from Douglas Fletcher on Vimeo.  A bit of acting practice I’ve just finished. Feedback always welcome! Rig courtesy of Sampad Iqbal: